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JISC Curriculum Design

All notes available on the JISC web site … url is … http://www.jisc.ac.uk/fundingopportunities/funding_calls/2008/04/circular508.aspx

Tish Roberts – high level view, and the call into context.

aims – vision and then articulate by 2012. Focus on flexible technical infrastructures. Influence  institutional decision makers, and work with other agencies

– Leaners and teachers and using a mixture of institutionally provided and user owned technologies.

– course teams to enusre that they effectively exploit available technology in all aspects of course design, development and delivery

Need to consider all three aspects in the box on the call, i.e., technology, learning and …

Large calls try to cross the 5 domainsoeportfolios, e-assessment, learning resource and activities, administration of learning and teaching, technology enhanced learning environments)

Responding to … Student centred processes, and pedagogical considerations need to be at the centre of this.

Another call in the pipeline. event in Birmingham on 24th June.

Strategic cross institutional change of design call. So sister call which focusses more on the delivery end.

Key terms from this call – transform how they deliver and support learning across a curriculm area through effectove use of technology.

Helen Beetham

What is curriculm design? Clearer understanding of what might influence a successful bid. Thinking about design process that occur before the learners appear on the scene.

A professional practice – which can be supported and enhanced through technology. Ie.e., design tools,. Shared repositores.

Alternative view – a core instiutional process. So it can be modeled for our institution. Re-read the curriculm design process in the JISC bid.

Third way – a complex landscape that doesn’t necessairly join up. So look at better was of navigating this landscape. I.e.. Information flows

Focus of the call

Need to think about, Curriculum design processes, the role of technology, need to address a strategic institutional challenge and transform learning opportunities.

Perhaps technologies themselves as drivers. I.e., working on new process requirements, i.e., niche bite-sized CPD.

How does this fit with the HEFCE e-learning strategy. Starting to see the shift to a new agenda – enhancing capacity and capability.


Buid on what has already been done. – need to read the design for learning programmes. Such as lkearning design tools.

idea od staff capacity for change – the course design intensive are ilustrating that it can be motivational and changing.

Xcri – if want to bid then need to look into this area.

ACTION ANDY: Need some time to read !!! – look at calendar and book out a week (over two weeks) reading.

Lot of rationale for the call from REAP and TESEP – shows it can be done. Like the quote from David Nicol – there needs to be a translation about how learners learn into how implement. I suupose it is the role of the elearning officer to make this translation. So they will need to be able to do this.

Emphasis on the CAMEL report – I think this is on my desk. Perhaps write a personal view.

What we want is table 4 – tangible benefits – they want to know how we might achieve this.

Sarah Knight

Gut feeling – this is a 4 year call, with vast amounts of institutional buy-in … I think it might be a tall call to pull this of in 2 weeks given the amount of work / reading that is required. However, should use this time to prepare ourselves for the the next call.

Have we a challenge and a propsed solution to this challenge for Bath? Need Gwen’s input …

We might be able to get a handle from a school/faculty.

sarah davies – guideance on bids

Key aspects –

programme objectives – 4 aspects, curriculum design processes (looking at he processes for how you do your curriculum design), technology, transforming learning to address a stratgic challenge.

See slides on vision of curriculum design.

Should identify the parts of the bid which going to address and focus on a few areas in depth. But need to tackle something under each category.

See slide on ‘what is the issue or challenge your’re addressing’ – they are looking for evidence that this is a challenge to the institution and this is a clear driver.

letter of support – make sure they read as indivdiual, why is it important?

Workplan … Look at canonical models produced by the COVRAM project.

Also be realistic of the time you have to change this.

With workplans – provide a diagram or narritive, a gantt chart can be difficult to interpret / ambiguous.

How the roles of the indivdiuals link to their day job.

Project manager needs to be inplace – have we got a high level champion?

Sounds like they expect a large time commitment from the project manager.

Overall: it does look important. However, just feel that we haven’t got a worked up idea to be successful. So use this as an opportunity to start working up for the second call. I think I missed understood this call, I read it as not being so focussed on institutional processes.

Questions and answers session

Learner centred practices – pilots in the first year? I.e., user centred approach. Not a problem … Not specific.

Synthesis and support project – looks like will be an internal project work.

Single bid – if instituional leading on a bid, then can they also part of a consortium? Yes

Make allowance / recognition that SMT of institution will need to engage and provide time. Looking at atleast 5 events per year.

Scale … Curriculum design. What is JISC role given curriculum design is the bread and butter of what we (institutions) are already doing. Could JISC better identify the technology side … Question became a little long, and the answer was even less focussed. I think I missed something.

Institutions need to make changes to better take advantage of curriculum design. So the challenge is communication. Buy out time … a person(s) to overcomes this perceived problem. So it might work … Need to find the challenge. Need to find this challenge quickly !

Relationship between calls .. Can we bid across both calls.

Curriculum delivery call is coming up soon ….