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e-learning authouring pilot service

Joe Buchanan will project lead this service 🙂

A couple of omissions from the June set of targets.

  • worked up the project plan, to include aims, implmentation, dissemination and deliverables, and evaluation for 2009-10. This needs to be a lite touch however we do need to have something to work to and evaluate against.
  • develop an intro set of guidelines (working paper in OPuS) that focussed on designing effective e-learning tutorials. This should include stories … I’d suggest that we (well you) connect with a few people at other Universities.

By Easter … lets remove the talk to BUCS w.r.t dedicated server. We could put this back to June, depending on initial thoughts / observations and review of Xerte.

I’m thinking, you might also want to try to connect with the Xerte people – if you contact Roger he has their names.

Also focus the discussion with Andrea and Polly on a heads-up about the tools and projects and identify if they see an obvious application for themselves.