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Mobile Moodle Meeting – outcomes

Dom and I met up to discuss the Mobile Moodle Stylesheet. This is an orientation task, and also a requirement for HEAT3 – so the start of May 🙂

Agreed, that this would be a the first phase of a much large project.

Dom will focus on changing the style sheet to include a slightly different look for the mobile browser – bits will be hidden etc., For end of April will address the following scenario.

Based on previous work it is eveident that outside of resources & labels, the forum is the most regularly used activity in Moodle. This is also used in face to face teaching (based on recent survey of staff at Bath). Therefore, the scenario is, during a lecture reference is drawn to an ongoing forum activity. The person inthe audience wishes to contribute to this discussion using their mobile device. Therefore, they will need to;

  • access & login to Moodle
  • access the appropriate Forum. The process might be click on name, see fourm posts (in context). Alternatively, navigate via the course and into forums.

Need input from Team about the most effective way to access a particular discussion on a forum when you are enrolled on many Moodle courses which are using forums.

Next stage, agree on a navigation method(s), print out screen shots, identify what the user must see (prioritised), and what can be placed at the bottom of the screen.

ACTION >> DOM – get on the lists, see what other people are doing / dome

ACTION >> ANDY – get input from others in the team about different navigation paths

ACTION >> ANDY – add as an item on the next e-learning Team meeting for discussion of screenshots (DOM will lead this activity).

ACTION >> DOM – write up the work packages required and deadlines