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mobile learning project

Some spare resource has become available with our current student interns so I’ve a great opportunity to develop a proof of concept for gos mobile learning.

The basic idea is a variation on a guided tour from the bus stop to the our offices in wessex house.

The tour will be pre-created in mediascape. Therefore, as a person with a GPS device walks throughย  certain hotspots, actions will occur, i.e., info opens up on their phone. This will include images, audio, video, text and quizzes.

In addition, we will link more reflective questions from the text resources accessed via the mediascape resource to the wordpress blog. This will allow the indivdiual to read other peoples stories, and thoughts and add their own. In particularly interested in the idea of providing additional questions / data through this method.

finally, I want to add the individual story. This is where they will be encouraged to use their own device to create a journey as part of their own ePorfolio / reflections. For instance, generate their own animated kml file of where they went, what they captured / say / thought. Then upload this (in the field) to a file store so others can review it in google earth.

We have less than a week to pull this all together !!!! It would be fun to get it tested with other members of the LTEO who have GPS devices. I feel an activity afternoon next Friday ๐Ÿ™‚