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Moodle Upgrade Mirror Service

The following outlines the plan for mirroring Moodle during the upgrade (6th june-ish)

Taliesin will create a mirror version on Multimedia on Friday night, before he starts the upgrade. People will be able to log into this using their UoB username and password. We will forward the URL to Phillip Rogers two weeks before the upgrade. We will not make this service publicly known because it is not on a robust setting. i.e., it is on multimedia whihc is geared up to handle 20’s not 100’s of unique users. If people approach the e-learning team saying their students need to see the material then they will be advised about the service. We will have a disclaimer in the email reply saying that this service is being piloted, and if they can not log on then they need to re-try. The service will be read-only in the sense that any changes users make on the service will not be saved / backed-up.

After a few weeks we will remove the software and databases. However, before we do this then we will review the logs to see if anyone has actually used it 🙂