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devolved user admin to Moodle: pilot in S4H

The background is that S4H run a Moodle Open Week. This is for registered users (they register with the School), and have access to a specific Moodle course. They usually use WAA accounts. However, there are a number of admin issues with this approach, which make it more difficult to implement. Therefore, we are considering a new approach.

Talisen has mulled over an opportunity to use the external database authentication. The approach is;

The school have a database (excel / csv file) that is connected to the external database option for authentication in Moodle.

They make the changes, i.e., name, email, username, password – and this is uploaded nightly. A week after the open week is completed then the link is severed. They still access their local data but we remove the accounts from Moodle.

They would also like a way of batch enrolling (auto) enrolling these people on the specific Moodle course.

A number of checks and balances need to be put in place to manage and reduce risk. For instance,

  • set a maximum quota (100 usernames)
  • user type is student only
  • they can only access courses in the School for Health Category
  • the account codes will be S4H001 to S4H100

The time frame for this is …

  • The open week is 11th – 15th May
  • they’ll start registering people week commencing 27th April

So … how are we going to implement this?

  • can the external authentication have the constraints raised above?
  • how are we going to auto enrol them in the course?
  • what database are they going to use at the S4H end?