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Notes from Moodle Ops Meeting 3/4/09

Note – Taliesin is off sick, therefore, a few items not discussed

  • Next few weeks … Lisa on leave, Andy, Nitin & Taliesin at MoodleMoot – Dom on the case for Tuesday / Wednesday. We’ll check from MoodleMoot.
  • Moodle Development … Action Andy >> arrange an afternoon asap to plan the Moodle Development Plan (2009-10). Aim is to identify the work we need to do, who will lead, deliverable dates etc.,
  • Moodle Student Software Developer … Action Andy >> arrange with Julie for the JobLink post for a software developer
  • S for Health – A heads up about their open week – Action Andy >> make sure Dom is available for the meeting with the S for Health

Moodle Ops – 20th March

Updates from previous meeting:

Andy – Matt Mitchell is away, I’ll catch up with him on return
Dom – will confirm that SAMIS script runs Mon-Friday

Other discussions

  • Moodle front page – need to agree on what we want it to do. So it doesn’t become overcrowded. Also, remove views on FAQs. Added Trac RSS completed tickets to the outstanding Trac ticket on front page. Dom needs to work with Nitin / Lisa to get a spec for the editable front page. No action at present
  • FAQ (phpmyfaq) probably needs upgrading in Summer. No acton at present
  • Action Andy >> arrange a meeting to discuss Moodle developments over the next 12 months. Need to document , and outline the vision

Moodle Ops Meeting

Updates …

SAMIS – should be through once David Mayo has made the changes at his end. Can’t test if this has worked becuase can’t access database backend.

Course Deletion – tag update stops more courses being created, running script to delete them. All will be deleted by end of next week

Moodle RT Tickets Training

Andy – email Matt Mitchell, confirm that we’ll be pushing login issues to support-helpdesk@bath.ac.uk  from e-learning RT queue. Just like to confirm that they are happy and what will be the response rate.

BUCS Maintenance: Will need to suspend the SAMIS sync on the Friday (AM) and re-start it on the Monday. Action Taliesin / Dom >> confirm with dave that he’ll be doing this. Action Nitin >> coordinate the promotion / awareness raising via the Moodle Blog and the Moodle Staff Area