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Tech Meeting – 5th May

Tag was uploaded today 5th May – includes security patches

Updates from last meeting

Dom – still working on #129, #78 #124. Talking to Tim about LDAP (#124), with the solution through the Admin Interface. For others checking in Course Table to see if duplicates is causing the problem

Taliesin – done, except #142. Plus lots more 🙂

New work packages;

  • Taliesin >> Priority 1 (#146, #142), then priority 2 (#87, #118)
  • Dom >> add #144
  • Lisa / Nitin >> #41, identify a criteria on which to untake a batch move script, i.e., all courses with PH move to Pharmacy.

Philip Rogers might add a new ticket to this list … Lisa is talking to Philip.

The spreadsheet from S4H will be emailed to e-learning, Lisa and Taliesin at the end of this week

Tech Meeting – 28th April


Tag update in. Did not include work set in previous Tech Meeting.

  • Dom is confident that tickets #129, #78, #124 will be in for next Tuesday
  • Taliesin working on #140, #136. Additional tickets of #142 and #143

Taliesin is implementing a solution for the few occassions when a person is enrolled in a forum with both staff and student roles.

We’ll park #138 until over the summer when we have looked at the issue of stats.

Tech Meeting – 21st April

Notes from previous meeting

  • Tickets completed: #89, #123, #124, #130, #73
  • Need to confirm: Dom is #131 done?

SOOT – need to find some time to address this ticket.

Action Dom >> Editable front page. Dom updated people, on iteration 2. Will be looking at including editable warning banner. Agreed Dom would bring his ideas to Lisa and Nitin to get some user input on his approach.

Theme for D4LLL (Joe). Lisa updated all. Agreed that Joe should continue with local (course) customisation. However, he should inform the team on his user requirements and design mock up. This will be fed into a future theme project.

Tickets to do … these need to be signed off by friday noon.

Priority 1:

  • Taliesin >> Unenrol problems with the SAMIS code, and fall out
  • #140 >> Taliesin
  • #129 >> Dom
  • #78 >> Dom

Once completed, Priority 2

  • #136 >> Taliesin
  • #124 >> Dom

Once completed, Prioity 3

  • #138 >> Taliesin
  • #54 >> Dom

Moodle OPs – 17th April

Actions from last meeting

Joblink – Moodle Developer. I’ve added the latest job description to our Team Wiki, under Team. Please read, deal with typos, spellings etc., and leave comments. I’ll forward this to Julie on Wednesday

Development Plan:  See later

MoodleMoot: Taliesin will feedback to all on his presentation at MoodleMoot at the next e-learning Team meeting


Discussed the idea of SAMIS occurences in the integration script. This was for English Centre. Current thoughts include this being a script that is run once after a period after the course has started. It would enrol students into their groups based on the occurence details.

Action >> Nitin – contact English Centre to say we’ve added it to the list and have some thoughts.

Action >> Nitin add it to trac, and also include on the Software Development Plan. Once agreed then wide the net to include Joe Buchanan in the specification / testing phase.

Discussed the software development plan. The initial idea is to have identified what we will develop for  rest of year and 2009/10.

Acton >> All – think about adding projects

Action >> Lisa & Nitin – when next go through Trac tickets identify any which are this type of work.

The plan is for us all to meet up near the end of May to prioritise the ones we’d like to implement. There will also be a further discussion with the wider e-learning team

Other points

Moodle 2.0 – decided that we’d install Moodle 2.0 with a sync’d update on multimedia. The timeplan for the actual migration will be either Summer 2010 or Summer 2011 – it depends on the software performance, and required support needs. There is not yet a plan for what we are going to look at with Moodle 2. However, some of the enhancements might be in place so this would influence our decissions. We’ll need to workout a more coordinated testing plan for Moodle 2.0.

Work schedules

Need to fit the following into regular work schedules

1. Maintance (patching etc.,) – every fortnight. This needs to be included within the Tech Meetings as a standing item – just yes / no for the next weeks tag and what support will be required.

2. Cron job the user access reports. Originally linked to LDAP, developed by Matt. Get this running on Multimedia and email ping each week to e-learning@ so it can be cut and paste into the table.

3. Re-iterate the current cycle;

Every Monday – Lisa and Nitin meet to MOSCOW the Trac Tickets

Every Tuesday – All meet to discuss trac tickets and identify what next

Tuesday – Thursday >>> primary slot for ticket solutions

Every Friday (lunchtime) – sign off what is going into tag update

The sign off will require people to confirm that it works … testing might include – local machine, multimedia and test (when appropriate)

Every Tuesday – tag goes live

Friday & Monday >> for longer development projects

Tech Meeting – 31st March

Actions from previous meeting

Update from Dom: in for Tuesday 7th >>>#115,  #88

Looking at #86 – give another 30 minutes or so, then park.

#73 – Nitin will close #73 in Trac and on RT. Andy will write a responsbilities statement concerning if a resource being uploaded into Moodle (htm, html) then staff resposnible for tidying up code, not Moodle Team.

Tickets that have been prioritised;

  • #89 – SAMIS – Taliesin – OK in for Tuesday
  • #123 – SAMIS – Taliesin – OK should be a script
  • #124 – Dom
  • #130 – Not e-learning

This needs to become a specific project …. #98 – SOOT. Will assign people at next Moodle Ops Meeting

# 131 Looking at, with a solution in place for Thursday 9th April >> Dom

Next Tag update – 7th April. Note Taliesin, Nitin & Andy at MoodleMoot. No tag update on Tuesday 14th (Uni Holiday).

Ticket from Lisa – the RT ticket (518292) needs to be in Trac before it can be assigned resource. Action >> Lisa … get this in Trac.

Tech Meeting – 17th March

Tag update: went through. Tickets 113 and 42 signed off 🙂

We signed off the following;

101 – latex displaying thumbs up & thumbs down. Changed the HTML Editor so these emoticons are now (yyy) & (nnn). This follows advice on Moodle Org forums. We will monitor the situation.
26 – include a tiny url on FAQs. so when click it will generate the tinyurl. This will be further discussed in our meeting with Web Services about the service.

Need more info on the following tickets;

53 – is this done? reads like it is in RT. Can we sign it off?
73 – why are we doing this? this reads like it is an issue with the content hat the indivdiual uploaded and not the system. If this is the case then it is their responsibility to clean the file up.

Dom’s working – still in orientation period so i’m managing the trac tickets 🙂

115 – editable front page – so don’t need to keep updating via a tag update. Time scale – signed off on 26th March, in tag update on 31st March.

Investigate tickets 86 & 88. Will have a eta for resolution (if appropriate) by the end of this week – Friday 20th

Moode Tech Meeting – 10th March

Minutes / Actions

Dom >> Front page needs a tweak to remove the Thursday slot – also, need to re-phrase the text so it reads appopriately when you delete the Thursday maintanence slot. Get changes in for next Tag update (17th March)

Taliesin / Nitin >> test SAMIS changes on Multimedia. If OK then sign tickets off (yippee)

Dom >> include Taliesin’s search by Course ID into the tag update for 17th March. Then sign off Trac Ticket 113

Nitin >> MOSCOW trac tickets

Taliesin / Andy >> Forward info concerning Ivan Graham’s need for Moodle upload submissions. This testing script will be developed if possible – by Friday. Andy – email Ivan, best endeavors

Taliesin / Nitin >> Get Andy Ralph’s (ETG Pharmacy) Scorm changes into RT and Trac – then take from there.

Andy >> email Dave Mayo concerning being able to view stored procedures on the database. Not essential, but useful as we can take ownership.