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raw notes – plymouth e-learning

kingston podcasting

project website – kastanet

lessons – focus on one format (mp4), and give advice for users to find players, I.e., use Google, and link to an online support forum blog.

review of some of their podcasts … showed the podcast, they had to make notes about what errors then show again. How did you keep students motivated to participate?

transforming the learning culture – jisc infonet

so, design in activities within the podcast. quite an interesting way of trying to use a framework for designing in activity. How would this work  with twitter …. perhaps use it as a clustering method. Action >> I need to follow this up.

get slides ….

question >> costing of the service >>> shelf life, staff time, etc.,

answer >> didn’t sound like they’ve got a realistic exit strategy. where is the support?

University of east london – martin belgrove

school of law podcast iniatitive – why podcast lectures

argue about quality of recording, quality of access (same experience for all).

sounds like they have put significant resource into staff and student training.

large scale impliemenation.

study outcomes >> recording impacted on naturalness of presentation stlye. i.e, told fewer jokes, stage fright

likes >>> student liked module descriptions, stats shows audio accessed more than text descriptions.

revision lectures very popular, more popular than whole series (all lectures). therefore, suggests this might be  a good means of making this material available.

modules in the trial have had improved results … can’t say this is all to do with podcasting. I’d be interested in seeing if the impact on staff in terms of how they present the material and engage. say has evidence of this in the small study group.

tony lowe … webducate – drag and drop activities based on you tube videos

lindsay – mark workshop

should we have an e-learning strategy –


– splashurl.net or splash dot net

Day 2 –

Is the VLE dead? brian whalley

how does you institution implment it’s VLE? Not generic … some very flexible.

remember the old diagram from scot wilson … future VLE diagram

aggregation … igoogle would do the trick.

have to manage the shift to cloud computing. Some times, this software will be institutionally hosted.

web 2.0 externally hosted materials are very good is they are throw away stuff. But is being assessed then they will need to archive this resource. what happens then? if you need to access this 2 years down the line and ning isn’t available?


Observations of QR Codes oin presentations

Lindsay / Mark – no one seemed to scan the two codes presented. I did talk to the person in my group about how to get them.

My session – bath contingent scanned, James Clay scanned, one person (not scenebefore). No one outside the bath group (plus james) had scanned or created a qr code.

what about the opportunity cost?

No one scanned the image …


text supporting placement students

focus groups suggest need access to materials and communications.

would it scale? if response within 24 hours –

have you any evidence that did they text each other? this might be their own support network? therefore, could you provide a contacting / data entry.

remember this is 1-2-1 communication – practical tip – use to arrange a meeting, time for a phone call for advice. don’t boither with trying to explain problems.

doesn’t replace ….


hold the dream – distance learning courses

a personal journey …  strong message for effective design, i.e., removing the issue of technology.


mlearning concepts

mobile learning engine – mle will gve you moodle on the mobile device. Java based.

question for dom … why don’t we use MLE for Moodle

get the twitter framework and see if the shock of the old discusion worked. give an insight into what is going on ….