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PGCAP – If I was them, reflections from sessions

I have started to lecture on the PGACP at UCS (new lecturers programme). I thought it would be really useful to keep a simple blog to help the participants (and me) connect with the ideas discussed. What I am trying to achieve is looking at the session material through their eyes, especially with a “strategic learner” hat on.

Some thoughts from the last session: Learning: principles and perspectives

In my learning log, and thinking of my Assignment 2, I would spend some time exploring the ideas of communities of practice (Wenger & Lave). In particular, what are the key characteristics of a successful community of practice? are you in any? how would you expect people to learn within a community of practice? where are communities of practice successful? based on examples, how applicable would this be to your teaching sessions?

For Assignment 1, as this this a reflective tasks based on the session observation and drawing upon theories. There is a potential framework to apply in terms of structuring the analysis around Schuel’s principles of good learning; active, cumulative, individual, self-regulated, goal orientated, situated and owned. For instance, post observations you might reflect on degree of activity, goal orientated etc.,

Activity for Learning Services (broad team). We should revisit the “intended” learning outcomes for all our Learning Services Sessions based on document (primary) linked in the session, and aligning (constructive alignment) the learning and teaching activities in the sessions.