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Scanning QR Codes – Arch dates

It appears Arch have a large number of submission from 23rd April onwards. In discussion with Lucie I mentioned we’d look into the possibility of tweaking the software so we can use the scanner for these submissions. A driver for this is the wifi reception is very poor in the dept office, so iphones are a problem.

Also, need to add the tweak to the code to stop the student being emailed more than once. This needs to be set as a work package for May’s development.

Scanner for QR Code Submissions

Just demo’d the metric scanner we are going to use in the QR Code submissions. The feedback was very positive, and they are going to buy one ๐Ÿ™‚

Points to note for James

  • user requirements – display details, name, unit id etc., but don’t want any extra steps … so scan and auto submit.
  • i said it should update SAMIS straight away, so they can check using business objects, and student will get email’ed.ย  Is that the case?
  • i said, to use it would include logging into a web page (authentication via university username and password), and scan. I’ll provide some supporting documentation.
  • ACE (and Mech Eng) have a submission near end of April – previous problems with iPhone, so can they use this? They are happy to login into Moodle as stop gap to access the form, … note: I’d like it hosted at http://www.bath.ac.uk/barcodes/submission/, using LDAP and grouper software (I assume)

Student awareness with the coversheets

It looks like we’ll need to make a tweak to the coversheet as feedback from some students has been, they didn’t know if they’d get confirmation of submission, and how long it might take.

Hence, we’ll need to add the following as a line in the student declaration box:

Scanned receipt of coursework is confirmed via an email. In the event
you do not receive an email by the end of the working day, confirmation of receipt should be sought from the department office

iPhone QuickMark Settings

The following settings are recommended if using the Quickmark application on the iPhone for recording submissions. These will reduce the number of required clicks;

Open Quickmark
Click Settings (bottom, right of page)
1. AutoSave (30) set to off
2. Auto Open >> Send Email >> set to on

When you scan the QR Code on the coversheet it will automatically
populate an email, so just click send.

thoughts post chat with Lucie

We ran the second submission session on the 4th.

The iPhone was much more successful compared to using the webcam / laptop. We do need to turn off the auto save !!! It sounds like a little testing to optimise the size of the QR Code for the iPhone. Lets make some sizes and take it from there

A key question is, the iPhone isn’t a very scaleable solution across the institution. So I’ll need to follow up on the leads from the scanning company. A particular concern is, if people have extensions, they had it in, then it needs to be scanned. However, the iPhone might not be available. So, perhaps look at form solution so an admin person can submit the individual extension. This will take a few minutes to complete as they’ll need to enter the promary key info. Also, need to LDAP authenticate, so only certain people can access the form.

In the wider context it sounds like they’ll need to re-visit the conversations with Amy concerning how “set in stone” the submission dates are. For instance, for very good reason they might need to change them.

Finally, I’ve agreed e-learning will supply their iPhone when they (the Dept/Faculty) need more than one handset.

iPhone testing with Karen

QR code submission

Test with Karen done. Gave the cribsheet (could do with a few images).

The only potential confusion is when the iPhone offers different wi-fi connections. This made Karen thing twice. So need to ensure the wifi defaults to the bath bucs connection, and give clear instructions to click on bath bucs. This is only a problem if the device has been off for a while. If you use the model of collect all and then scan, it means simply turn on, and let the device find the network (30 seconds), then open quickmark and start scanning.

Apart from that, all seemed fine. Much happier with this compared to the webcam solution ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll ask for feedback after 4.00 today ๐Ÿ™‚

Only observation is, for this submission they’ve been asked to hand-in two copies … need local procedure to separate those with coversheets and those without.

prep for iteration 2: qr codes

well, the 4th is getting pretty close ๐Ÿ™‚

We are going with an iPhone solution for the scanning this time … this offers lots of advantages over the previous system (laptop, and web cam). It will be interesting to hear Karen’s thoughts. I’m also wondering about scaleability interms of the week after with 200ย submissions !!! A big advantage of using an iphone with a quickmark reader is we don’t need to worry about configuring outlook ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s also been set up to use a gmail account. So we’ll have one generic account for email submissions.

  • The pre-populated coversheets are in place – just need two more fields to be entered
  • The encryption / mask is nearly sorted, however, will not be in place for this time round
  • Iย got a suggestion from a scanner company and need to follow up
  • I’ll need to write a crib sheet for the admin person

So, looks like we are ready to go …..