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gearing up for giving the building voice >> version 2

The blurb this time will be

“This 3 minute video is part of our giving the building a voice series. This aims to help people be more aware of how buildings are being used around UCS. For more information on this and other buildings, visit, http://www.ucs.ac.uk”

With the following disclaimer added:

“UCS is not liable for any charges incurred from the access of this resource.”

If people want to know background stuff, then see >>> http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate/?p=739

User testing the QR Code Tour Generator (v1)

The user testing plan for the QR Code Generator Tour is as follows;


The user will need to create, and print (PDF) a tour – with at least 4 points of interest. You will need to email the PDF you produce to me (a.ramsden@ucs.ac.uk)

The QR Code Tour Generator is available from: http://a.ucs.ac.uk/qrtour

The how to guide is available from: http://faq.ucs.ac.uk/index.php?action=search&tagging_id=9


Once you’ve created your tour,  you need to spend 5 minutes completing the Google Form, which contains the following questions;

  • how did you find the experience in terms of being able to create a qr code tour? was it good, bad or ugly? Could you please explain yourself?
  • how could we improve the user interface? What more do you need?
  • how could we improve the functionality? what other things would you find really useful?
  • how could we improve the PDF sign prints?
  • Would you use this? What is stopping you use to create tours tomorrow?

The Google form is available from: http://a.ucs.ac.uk/4A