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reflections on “what is twitter” presentation

The slides have been embedded below – presentation for LTEO Meeting, 3 April, 2008.
Some initial thoughts from myself was that I didn’t actually show it 🙂 So I need to include a screengrab atleast. This would help people understand the followers / following idea, and how messages are displayed.  This might help significantly with the two scenarios. I might need to re-think the use of BBC bit … I’m not sure if that actually adds to the presentation, it needs to be better linked, it was suppose to help set the context … ummmmm, need to think about this.

Some questions from the floor prompt further work, displaying the idea that you can follow tags / keywords and not people. And addressing the idea that 140 characters is a positive.

As with everything it takes far longer than it should do … re-visit what I’m actually trying to achieve.

I also need to update the slides to include notes …

Question – what did others think, constructive criticism please 🙂 Where the aims appropriate, would might we need for the presentation to be more effective? what worked, what didn’t? – please use the comments