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Screencasting at UCS

I’ll be running a session later today around screen casting at UCS .. so a few thoughts. As a strong believer in not re-inventing the wheel, I’ll be draw very heavily from the excellent work of JISC Digital Media

I’ll hand out the Screencast workflow PDF, and using the following notes to help steer the conversation.

1. Planning: design

If screenacst is being used as the primary learning activity or even as part of a wider learning activity, still use standard scheme of work template;

  • Activity name/id
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Purpose (why doing it)
  • Description (what students will do)
  • Resources
  • If the video is more than 5 minutes, why?
  • Closure (exit strategy of individual resource)

1. Planning: resources

Available (currently) at UCS for screen and audio recording

  • all PCs: Debut Video Capture Software & VideoPad Video Editor
  • on 2 laptops: Camtasia Studio
  • W416: Elmo Visualiser Capture Software

You will need to provide

  • microphones

How to guides / FAQs

2. Pre-Production: template

Develop a ppt file to act as a template with a standardised intro page and last page. The aim intro page should include: title, sub title, author(s) name, date created, module / unit ID, and Division & UCS. The last page should include further contact details.

  • Example Template
  • Illustrative video

2. Pre-Production: prepare

  • Has any third party material been cleared for copyright? See FAQs for finding creative commons images
  • If you are screencasting a presentation or lecture have you read the ALT OER Guidelines on Lecture Capture?
  • Do you plan to release your video as an open educational resource through the UCS OER L&T Repository? If yes, talk to the Elevate Team
  • have you consent and are you managing data protection in your screencast? If you are including any other people in the screencast have you consent to use it? If you capture software walk throughs etc., have you minimised the likelihood of an individual being identified?

5. Use & Re-Use: delivery methods

Is the content sensitive? This will determine the appropriate distribution mechanism. We’d recommended YouTube as primary delivery method, and embed in Wolsey. It can be distributed via Wolsey (as a doc upload) but might need to further chunking.

5. Use & Re-Use: archiving

Keep local archive of the video, the completed ppt template you used, and raw files on your UCS network drive or in UCS OER L&T Repository