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elearning servers … dev, pilot, service

We seem to be working around the idea of running a number of small scale pilots of e-learning software that involve both staff and students. Our present model of a development box (multimedia) looked after by e-learning in WH, and the service boxes maintained by BUCS doesn’t offer use much scope for providing a pilot service that will be both reliable and robust (i.e., simple url, and not prone to power outages), while place the locus of control, in terms of administration with the elearning software development team. It is not currently possible to run a small scale pilot for providing a social network space for staff (which uses single sign on), or the use of QR codes in teaching and learning.

A potential new model, which would give the flexibility needed by the elearning team, while reducing some of the administration burden for the BUCS team, would be for the elearning team to have a pilot server (purchased with elearning money) that resides in BUCS, is inline with current BUCS firewall and security issues, but the elearning team have access to at the root directory. This will be separate to the Moodle Service production servers.