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outcome of survive or thrive: joining up moodle faqs

Really interesting presentation of DigitalNZ, in particular showed how some searches on services would also bring in search from other services. I’ve just written up about the success of our Moodle FAQs (http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/news/?p=224). An important outcome of the evaluation was our FAQs are used by lots of other people not based at the University of Bath.

This made me think, given a vision of … helping moodle users (staff and students) find, share,  use and create FAQs for Moodle.  And the obvious benefit for us (at the institution) is the provision of a large number of quality assured information which would free up our team resource to focus on 1-2-1 training, and evaluating impact.

So a user expereince would be, a member of the university of bath would search our FAQ engine, and have a separate space on the screen which also displays the results from other FAQ engines.

Where next … need to work up the idea, and the how can it be done. So time to talk to UKOLN (their strength), e-learning Team, and other UK HEIs who use Moodle and might want to come in onboard with this work. Start small, see where it goes 🙂

how? agree on some taxonomies. Look at writing a data mash up area, so the page will display the seraches against our FAQ system, but also display other FAQs from institutions / organisations / individuals.