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team timeline … a step closer

If we take the idea of developing a team timeline as a means of disseminating information about events we’ve run, events we’ve been to, stuff we’ve read (bookmarks and reviews), stuff we’ve presented, working papers we’ve published then an example would be … http://www.dipity.com/user/andyramsden/timeline/e_learning_team_at_the_University_of_Bath

This would be really easy to maintain given our use of agreed tags.

exposing what members of the team are upto …

we’ve recently been discussing the idea of a monthly newsletter. The aim of the monthly newsletter is to inform staff at the university what the e-learning team have been upto … this is to address the fact communication can be poor and many staff don’t realise what we have been doing. Infact this would really help with updating the team who are dispersed. However, a further improvement on this is to generate this automatically. Currently, we have lots of different tools that we use to capture information about what we are doing, for instance, personal reflective blogs, team blogs, social bookmarking software, twitter accounts, presentation sharing apps and photo sites. these all generate feed outputs. we also use yahoo pipes to bring things into one feed. therefore, why don’t we use something like dipity to create a timeline for our web site …. see …. http://www.dipity.com/user/andyramsden/timeline/personal – this pulls from my blog and twitter account. However, I can fine tune what is accessed using the rss feeds 🙂