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Twitter … day plan

The aims of the session are to allow you to explore the use of twitter within the context of a social network tool, and also collectively work up ideas of how it might be used as a learning technology.

At the end of our day you will have;

  1. created your own twitter account, followed people, posted to your twitter account (text, links and images) and gained some experience of using services, such as http://www.twemes.com and agreed tags enhance the way that small groups of people can communicate.
  2. found and reviewed an online article / blog post about using Twitter
  3. in small groups (as part of the end of day activity) developed a scenario on how twitter could be used in an educational context.

The overall flow of the day is …

in the morning, familiarise yourself with Twitter and find / disseminate an appropriate artcile

in the afternoon, after using Twitter to achieve a number of tasks, meet up for a group discussion to develop a number of learning and teaching scenarios.


10.00 to 11.00: getting started

  • Create your twitter account (overview, link to twitter.com)
  • follow jiscemerge (overview – jisc emerge is a dissemination tool), use the Moodle wiki to state your twitter username for others at the conference to follow
  • post a tweet … 10.30 am: what am I doing, looking at, or what am I feeling?

11.00 to 12.00: participating in a social network

  • If you have access to a camera, camera phone, then use Twitpic to share a picture … 11.30 am: what I am looking at and why
  • Answer questions raised by jiscemerge, reply via @jiscemerge. These will include;
  1. 11.15 am: How do you access twitter?
  2. 12.00 am: are you aware of who is following you? does this impact on how you tweet?

12.00 to 3.30:

  • Find an appropriate web posting (blog), or online article about the use of Twitter (preferably in an educational context) and post the url on twitter
  • Twitter updates, reflections, and summaries by those attending ….
  1. Getting Collaborative”: APT Stairs googledocs activity led by Sarah Sherman”
  2. “Telling Tales of User Engagement”: Appreciative Inquiry session led by Patsy Clarke
  • 3.00 pm: do you think you’ll be using twitter in 12 months time? please explain your answer

4.00 to 4.45

In online session;

  • intros, and who are you? set of poll questions about level of previous experience with twitter.
  • summary of some of the day’s activities on jiscemerge
  • overview of a few of the posted resources
  • use as a learning activity – peoples perceptions of who useful it is as a learning technology
  • small group activity … work up a use of twitter in an educational context – be prepared to present back. (should be 2 minute presentation)
  • burning questions? where next … JISC emerge wiki

Outcomes from eluminate session about twitter and emerge online conference

The following sprung to mind.

To give the activities a context then the final session could be focussed around,

What role does twitter offer in learning and teaching?

This will allow people of all levels and experiences to contribute. The scene might be set by setting Twitter in a gartner hype cycle framework where it is moving towards the “peak of inflated expectations”. To help us gather ideas and feedback to seed the end of day 2 discussion, then during the event we can have a moodle survey available. I’ll update the questionnaire I used. Also the expectation is that people will discuss this and other ideas through their twitter accounts. To help the ball rolling we could outline a couple of scenarios on Moodle.

Interms of twitter then we’ll have the emerge twitter account that people can follow, also Josie had experienced a really nice idea of liking people spatially.

Josie … you might need to elaborate on how this will be achieved 🙂

Also, people will be able to follow / search against and agreed tag.

So interms of help / instructions then we need to find / plagiarise and create a one side crib sheet. The idea should be to direct them to the twitter FAQs, so that this becomes more sustainable. However, what ones might we cover?

Using twitter via the web site
instructions – need to create an account
instructions – need to follow emerge twitter account
tips – notifications, short cut commands

Using twitter via other apps
overview of tweetpics, twitteroo,
and then links to twitter apps wikipedia page

Using twitter in Moodle
instructions of how to use the Moodle and Twitter plug-in

– Ann, what do you think? Something that might be really interesting is can we use a keyword, and then make these FAQs available via twitter? People could then find them from their twitter application 🙂