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using wikitude on iPhone

I’ve been exploring the use of wikitude augmented reality web browser on the iPhone. The scenario would be to develop a set of POI’s around a building which include learning materials provided by staff, and student generated material. The first task was to better understand how the student might use the software. I was particularly interested in the screen settings. It appears wikitude is designed to be as inclusive as possible, which is great, however, it does lead to a slight problem when designing learning activities. This is you need to turn off some of the information sources. In addition, support information will need to be provided about reducing the noise from POIs not included in the learning activity. For instance, reducing the radius, to as small a distance as possible.

wikitude – it works :-)

well, I took a little step into a big world and tried wikitude.me, and wikitude on the “team” iPhone.

All very straight forward. Logged into wikitude.me using Twitter credentials. Made a point of interest using the embedded google earth screen. The POI was some text about the office, and a web link.

This morning, fired up the iPhone, pointed it at the office and it was there … read the text, follow the link.

So to get started the barriers to entry are very very low.

It does create lots of noise around my POI as it draws from lots of other sources (not just wikitude.me). As an induction tour of capus, or a specific learning activity I’ll need to close down the other information feeds, and sort out how to make an individual journey (it looks like using a KML file).

Another point worth further investigation is the use of GPS-trk on the iPhone. This should allow students to create an kml file, with all the lovely pictures etc., So enabling student generated content 🙂

More to come ….