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Software to check out — synote. Allows you to annotate video, transcripts and annotations. Out of Southampton

Moodle enhancement >> global picture of a persons activity on Moodle (I’m not sure if this already exists), but for teacher roles.

Roll into the e-learning operational plan >> capture the student voice. For instance, input on ideas, the service etc., Don’t just rely on Academic Council, but visit a number of SSLCs. Draw up some questions, and fet some feedback.

New lab … focus will include providing the outputs of practical sessions online. For instance, move from high reliance on tick boxes, to capturing what they are doing and commenting (formative feedback).

CAtch up DoS AH

Main point to take away was that the CS would like to look at the use of Moodle to move data back up to SAMIS. At the moment people have the grade info in the gradebook (and other places). They print this out, pass it to dept admin who re-key the info into SAMIS. This is a waste of resource and opens up the possibility of human error. So looking for a single point of entry for marks, and why not use Moodle?